Thursday, January 24, 2013

2x the babies = 2x the cake....My friend Sharon is having twins:)  
A recent graduate of med school....Congratulations, Dr. Stephen Sepulveda! 
A co-worker's brother-in-law really likes Haylee Cakes:)  So, for his birthday he got a Haylee Cake all to himself!
Avery's smash cake for her 1st Birthday!

Another 1st Birthday! 
Vera's 1st Birthday!  Every little girl needs her ruffles:)

Arrrr.....My favorite little Beau Chambee turned 1! 

1st Birthday cake and smash cake for a precious little girl:)  Gotta love the pink & green!

1st Birthday party for a sweet October baby:)

1st Birthday party for a sweet October baby:)
Toy Story 3 themed birthday party for Jake and Mal who guessed it, 3!
German themed birthday party:))  Happy Birthday, Sharon!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Hunter Scott is on his way, and we can't wait to meet him!  The theme for Eleanor's baby shower was a vintage circus, so I made a circus tent.  The base was double layer 8 inch round cakes, topped off by half of the wilton 3D ball.  I used icing to fill in the spaces and make a big top.  This one was really fun and unique!

Babies, Babies, Everywhere!

Congratulations, Chamblee's!  Little Beau is almost here, and we can't wait!  The shower was decorated in baby boy blue and overalls.  When I was told the theme, I knew exactly what I would make!

A Little Boy, and His Tractor...

The tractor is one of my favorite "character" cakes to make.  And we all know the best tractor there is comes in green and yellow.  Nothing Runs Like a Deere!  Happy Birthday, Aiden!

Sweet Caroline...

Yes, Caroline is another year older.  This year she celebrated with a butterfly cake. The butterfly sits on a 9 inch square that was turned to make a diamond.  Happy Birthday, Caroline!


We're glad you're here Baby Anders!  The dinosaur cake was a representation of the nursery decor that Summer designed for Anders.  Summer is so creative and the nursery is precious!  Congratulations, Millicans!

Eagle Scout!

Congratulations, Grant Tucker on becoming an Eagle Scout!  The cake was a full sheet cake (2 halfs put together) with the Eagle Scout metal iced on top.

A Little Girl's Fairy Tale

Hanna is in love with Tinker Bell and friends.  So, for her birthday I made her a "Fairy" cake.  The bottom was a 10 inch round and on top was another 10 inch round, but I cut out a pattern of a flower to give it the shape.  I'm not up to date with my fairies these days, but I do remember that they usually appear from flowers.  I put the fairies on a flower nail and iced a flower around them, then placed them on the cake.  Overall, my first fairy cake was a success!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Great Race

The theme for the 2010 Christian Works for Children Auction was "The Great Race".  The cake was a white 9" square with the auction logo on top. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Means....FOOTBALL!

This Reggie Bush jersey cake was a special request made by my nephew, Cade.  Happy Birthday!!

Monkey Business

Ashley is having all kinds of birthday fun this year.  Party on, Ashley!

Kojie Sweetness!

This is Ashley Sepulveda's 2nd birthday cake, and her mother, Amy, mentioned that she liked pink.  So, I did the only Kojie thing I know, and that my friends is pink and green.  Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's a ZOO When Two are Two!

Happy Birthday Jake and Mal!!  Jake and Mallory Chamblee turned 2 and had a zoo party.  Jake had a chocolate lion and Mallory had a strawberry giraffe.  The party was great fun with a bunch of kiddos enjoying crafts, snacks, and cake.  Both cakes came from the same pan and were tranformed into the two different animals.  It's a great pan that can be used to create all kinds of fun friendly animals (Animal Crackers pan by Wilton).

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Babies...

Babies, babies everywhere!  Our friends are having babies left and right, and we are thrilled for each and every family.  This baby shower was a rubber ducky theme, and I strolled around the internet until I found this idea.  I filled the bucket so the cake could sit on top.  It was the first vanilla pound cake that I have made, and I was very happy with the recipe.  Congratulations, Gibbs family!  We can't wait to see your little guy!

And His Name Is....

As the Johnston's prepare to welcome their 2nd little guy, we threw a sports themed baby shower. This was a double layer chocolate cake on the bottom, and the golf ball was lemon flavored. Congratulations Chad, Miranda, and Ranger! We can't wait to meet your little one, and find out his name!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


There is no one that knows how to throw a party better than Eleanor! When Matt graduated from Chiropractor school, Eleanor asked me to make a cake for his party. This was a fun cake to make. The image you see is an edible image made with a special printer. The cake topper is a bobble head, and it made me laugh! Congrats, Matt!

Zebra Anyone?

For Hattie's baby shower, we had hot pink and zebra print decor. I was really pleased with how this one turned out, and it was strawberry too! Baby Charlotte is now here, and she is just precious!

Have Your Sports and Eat It Too...

This is Chase, my nephew. This year he turned 11 and he wanted a Haylee Cake, so when thinking of what to make for him it was a no brainer...he is an excellent golfer and I love to watch him play! He is also the inspiration behind the name "Haylee Cakes". When asking him what I should name my blog and my cakes, he came up with the name you see today. It was catchy and it stuck. Thanks Chase!

Living on Love!

In October of 2009, my parents celebrated their 40th anniversary! My family all got together at my house for a celebration weekend full of laughs, food, and lots of family pictures! I made them a wedding cake, and yes, we made them cut it just like they did 40 years ago. We love you Mom & Dad!!


Who doesn't love Elmo! Well, I know this...there is not a 2 year old that I know that doesn't go crazy for this character. He is pretty cute. This one was for Caroline on her 2nd birthday!

Back on the Farm

Last year, the Chamblee twins had their 1st birthday! It was a farm theme, so I made a barn for the guests, and individual smash cakes for the honorees. For Jake I made a cow and for Mallory I made a pig. Their 2nd birthday is coming up soon...It's a zoo when 2 are 2! Can't wait!

Every Occasion Deserves a Haylee Cake

My in-laws built a house on the ranch and it is absolutely wonderful! It is our favorite get-a-away place, and we always have such a great time there whether it's hunting, fishing, driving the tractor, or hanging out on the porch with family and Harley(our dog). The weekend we moved into the house, we had a big celebration dinner for the whole family and I made a cake to commemorate the event. Nothin' runs like a deere!