Thursday, January 24, 2013

2x the babies = 2x the cake....My friend Sharon is having twins:)  
A recent graduate of med school....Congratulations, Dr. Stephen Sepulveda! 
A co-worker's brother-in-law really likes Haylee Cakes:)  So, for his birthday he got a Haylee Cake all to himself!
Avery's smash cake for her 1st Birthday!

Another 1st Birthday! 
Vera's 1st Birthday!  Every little girl needs her ruffles:)

Arrrr.....My favorite little Beau Chambee turned 1! 

1st Birthday cake and smash cake for a precious little girl:)  Gotta love the pink & green!

1st Birthday party for a sweet October baby:)

1st Birthday party for a sweet October baby:)
Toy Story 3 themed birthday party for Jake and Mal who guessed it, 3!
German themed birthday party:))  Happy Birthday, Sharon!!